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"I was so impressed with your company’s fast service and reasonable pricing that I will be recommending your services to friends. Usually the relationship I have with my vendor is a “love/hate” relationship. I was tired of changing representatives every year. Now that your company has fixed my problems and reduced my costs there is nothing but love!  You took my business to the next level and reduced my costs by 40%.  I had no idea I could get better service by using a company like yours.

 Thanks Guys!"

 John, CIO

Tampa, FL

"My company is one of the largest Engineering firms in the US. I needed the project management experience of a local professional that could assist my staff in migration from the incumbent provider to a competitive carrier.  You did an excellent job and we had no problems.  Thank you for your help."

 Jim, Project Management Florida

Tampa, FL

"My company is one of the largest ISPs in the world.  We needed help deploying our network.  We had record growth but we did not have the resources or contacts to hit our deployment deadlines.  The professionals that represent FCG were able to make the contacts, find the best price, and help me deploy optical networks from DC to Florida and from Miami to Latin America.  What was considered impossible was realized and we hit all our deployment targets."

 David, Optical Networks          Tom, Project Management Optical Networks

Washington DC          Latin America

" We are a large accounting firm based in Tampa Florida,  We knew we were paying to much money for our services.  We did not have the resources to audit our own telecom bill.   We did not know what the current market price was for the services.  We did not have an IT person on staff to project manage the migration of services.  Our IT staff was focused on strategic decisions for our company.  We brought in Florida Communications Group.  They negotiated the best price and value with a reputable company.  They reduced our bill by 40%.  They provided on site project management for a fraction of the cost and coordinated the migration of services with our IT staff."

Please feel free to contact 727-857-3173 Text or Talk.  admin@floridacommunicationsgroup.com for a no obligation consultation.

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